MK Building Metals

Based in Kelowna, BC, MK Building Metals specializes in aluminum, stainless steel and steel metal projects and designs, fabricates and installs a variety of metal products for use in commercial, industrial and residential settings.

Since 2010, MK Building Metals has been supplying clients throughout the Okanagan Valley with simple and complex metal products including:

Overhead StructuresArbours, pergolas, trellises, awnings and canopies and gazebos
Conveyance and SecurityRailings, gates and fences, ladders, staircases and walkways
Window ProtectionShades and windows coverings
Miscellaneous ProjectsArtwork, cityscape, public displays and other metal projects

MK Building Metals, a subsidiary of MK Technologies, is a proud metal products supplier to general contractors, builders, homeowners, small and medium business and local government. We are proud to provide our services to these and other great organizations.

Proud Suppliers to Industry, Government and Consumers